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Luxurious sinks

Young Minder is a company bringing elegant, high-quality products at competitively low prices. We offer a wide variety bathroom vessel sinks made of luxurious cast stone.


Your master suite should be the most luxurious washroom in the house, and a vanity-mounted sink is the best option for both aesthetic and storage. An undermount unit creates a clean, seamless look, and you have the chance to try out different countertop and vanity materials as well. If you have the space, a double console is even better! For the main family bathroom, try an utility or farmhouse sink; this type is often deeper and wider-it also often has two faucets to assist larger families.


Modern toilets

Our entire selection of bathroom toilets offer a dual flush component for water saving usage. The dual flush toilets feature a sleek design in white or black porcelain. These dual flush siphonic toilets also offer an S-trap design. Young Minder offers a wide variety of modern toilets to fit all your bathroom design needs.


One-piece units are one complete piece that are easier to clean and won’t leak between the bowl and the tank. They’re sleek and stylish and save space, but they’re generally more expensive than two-piece units, which come with a separate tank and bowl. Be sure you purchase all the necessary parts with the two-piece models, as the seat is not usually included with the bowl.

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Washbasin Atlanta

This modern style statement combines contemporary design with perfect functionality, giving your bathroom its own distinctive character.

Your new washbasin will serve you well for many years. As the most frequently used area of the bathroom, it is important to make sure it coordinates perfectly with the overall look and your design preferences. From traditional elegance to a country look or urban chic: choose from Young Minders extensive selection of forms, colours (black & white) and designs to make your washbasin an attractive design feature.



Wall-mounted toilets

These toilets are attached to the wall, without floor contact. The cistern is concealed within a frame system, only the flush plate is visible. The main advantage of wall-mounted toilets is that they allow easy cleaning of the floor under the toilet. They can also be attached higher up the wall to cater specifically to the needs of taller people. Wall-mounted toilets are available in a wide variety of designs and colours (black & white) and particularly suitable for modern bathrooms.


Timeless, elegant and functional – these are the hallmarks of the bidets from Young Minder. Enjoy that touch of luxury in your bathroom and experience the hygienic cleanliness in an ambience characterised by clear-cut design.


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